Champions School for Excellence is credited for revolutionizing the concept of education by pioneering a child centered approach. We have the following practices at CSE to ensure a broad and independent learning approach:

  • Hands-on approach allow students to engage in kinesthetic learning  and bridge the potential gap between theory and practice. To ensure this we have GaMath curriculum followed at our school. With GaMath we follow a gamified approach to teach Math.
  • Our students are given experiences for both collaborative and individualistic approaches
  • Our students are given oppurtunities to organise Math week and science fair in school. This makes them develop a sense of responsibility and leadership
  • Cross-curricular integration across subjects by framing KLA’s and connecting subjects. We follow the theme based Oxford Advantage curriculum to implement this
  • LPOI – We teach Hindi and Gujarati as a combined subject. We also teach Bhagvad Geeta and Sanskrit right from grade 1.
  • We hold Congloms every week which are based on the FIDS approach. FIDS stands for FEEL IMAGINE DO SHARE. It helps to develop the 21st century skills of communication, colaboration, creativity and critical thinking.
  • We work on continuous professional development of teachers by providing them hands on training twice a year. This helps them keep abreast with the latest teaching skills and practices